We are a virtual co-working, learning, and implementation society.

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As a small business owner, you spend your days working from home or in a solo office. You get lonely, have a hard time staying motivated, and wish there were others to chat with over coffee.

We do too! Which is why we started Women's Business Society (yes! Men are welcome. Same application process applies). We've built exactly what we have always wanted, for ourselves...

Even more details...

(do us a favor and skip that unfortunate tech part. We want you to catch the features, the peek at the platform, and all we have planned!


Virtual Co-working

With the help of Sococo's platform, we provide the tools for virtual co-working. Work virtually side by side with others. Share your days with others that care about you and your business. 


Implementation is the name of the game, around here. Monthly themes, challenges, and resources to get those projects done, your to-do list finished, and that feeling of overwhelm GONE.


We've been in business for decades. So have others in the community. Courses, live classes, online resources, printables, Q & A, and daily interaction via virtual co-working are just some of the ways you will move from stuck to done in a moment. 

Women In Business Society


Women who often find themselves working solo, behind their computers, and want/need community, problem-solving, resources, social events, and like-minded women for encouragement and support growing their businesses.

WBS has limited membership and a strong application process.

Virtual Events

Each week we host events through Zoom where you can collaborate, connect, and get feedback from fellow coworkers. Our events include coffee hours, happy hours, expert office hours, book club, guest talks, expert trainings and so much more. Go to as many as your schedule allows.

Virtual Co-Working

This is the part we geek out about! We utilize a terrific software (Sococo.com) to provide a virtual co-work "office". Connect with fellow coworkers to chat, share successes (and frustrations), get and give encouragement, brainstorm, and collaborate. Take a coffee break with a "co-worker", check the bulletin board for upcoming events, or simply stay in your office and work privately. The beauty is in immediate access to others whenever you need.

Expert Help & Accountability

This is not just a mastermind, or learning community, or even membership site. This is an implementation community. We have tools, tricks, games, and more to keep you accountable to your goals. We are committed to help you level up in your business, whatever that looks to you. It's time to move from stuck to done! 

Is it worth the money?

Yes! One hundred times over. The value you will get from the accountability alone is totally worth the monthly cost. But, you'll also get the emotional support to keep you IN (and loving) your business, help and advice to move you forward, and a support system for those moments when you just want to quit. You can't afford NOT to join.

Social Level


Access to the Facebook Group


Access to Standard Office Hours with the experts


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Head Start Level




Everything from the Social Level


Weekly Trainings

Weekly Members Office Hours

Weekly Co-working Opportunities


Access to workshops, courses, templates, and printables in the Genius Closet including replays of Genius Hot Seats.

50% discount on special events, courses, and workshops. 

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Genius Level



 90 Day Strategy and Implementation Plan Group

  • 90-minute strategy group call per month--meeting room link in Kajabi welcome course
  • Monthly Facilitated Group Coworking
  • Live Training participation
  • Accountability Partner Pairing

Free access to all special events.

Chat access for 1:1 guidance and advice from your very own business mentor

And, everything from the Head Start Level 


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Genius Plus (Individual)



Everything from the Genius Level, PLUS

  • Weekly accountability pods
  • Access to Membership site
  • Quarterly 2 hr 1:1 strategy session with tasks and goal planning
  • Membership to the coworking space

Upcoming Events

August 2019

Women In Business Society Calendar of Events

Week of August 5th:

Week of August 12th

Week of August 19th:

Week of August 26th:

Frequently Asked Questions

Oh boy! That is hard to explain. Think of it as if a SIMS game and ZOOM had a baby. 

You'll have a virtual "office", coffee room, meeting spaces, and lobby. You'll be able to see who else is at "work", knock on doors to visit an office, work in a conference room with other peers, and head to the break room to check the bulletin board.

Really it's something you need to see!

Social Level: 30 day money-back with no questions asked.

HeadStart Level: 30 day money-back with survey filled out and approved. This is because we KNOW this is filled with so much value we need all the help we can understanding (and then improving) why you need to leave.

Genius Level: returns only after survey has been submitted and approved. This level requires a high-level of commitment before joining. An equal level of explanation will be required before any money will be returned.

Currently, we will only be opening membership 2 times a year and, because we only take a limited number of applicants, ask for a 6 month commitment for all new members at all levels.

Fill out an application and watch for an email from us with next steps. We will walk you through the whole thing. 

The society is for women business owners who are working day in and day out in their business and are working to grow and build. It might be full-time or a side-thing. It might be completely online or have a IRL component. 

Only the Genius level has what most think of as a traditional mastermind component.

The Social and Head Start levels provide help and accountability - but not the full coaching found within the Genius level. 

Honestly, although we think the mastermind is totally awesome, if that's what you need...the value in the society is in daily support and access to like-minded women who are also working day in and day out struggling to figure out the stuff it takes to grow their businesses. 

So, yes and no :). 



Our provider currently only supports Google Chrome for the virtual co-working component.

The classes and courses can be used on all browsers.

If you have any questions in regards to the Women Business Society, please email Janel at [email protected] or Kim at [email protected]


Kim has built Fresh Impact Social Media and Marketing into an eight member team that creates high-value social media strategies, audits, and plans taking their client's business to the next level on social media. 

Kim is a super-hero at planning, strategizing, and problem-solving. Her hard work has earned her respect from her peers and team members. 

Head to Kim when you need strategy, social media advice, an objective viewpoint, and encouragement. 

Check out Fresh Impact

Meet Janel

Janel has built NellieBellie.com and JanelHutton.com into a 6 million viewers a month brand. 

NellieBellie is a national food blog with a large social media following specializing in working with brands for recipe development, photography, and content creation.

JanelHutton.com is a training center for other bloggers and small business owners looking to leverage the online space to grow their businesses.

Head to Janel when you need branding, content, marketing, and a "Come to Jesus" moment. She'll be your biggest cheerleader while keeping it real.

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